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2021 Sustainable Goals: A Greener Organization

Federal Form I-9

What is the purpose of the Form I-9?

All new employees must fill out the Employment Eligibility Verification Form. This form is commonly referred to as Form I-9. They must supply supporting documents (Photo ID, Social Security Card, Passport) and provide personal information along with the form to prove they are eligible to legally work in the United States.

This training video provides compliance-driven insight into why employers request and submit the Form I-9 from their new hires.

Preventing Harassment

Learn the definitions for many types of Harassment

The full harassment course outlines harassment according to the Civil Rights Act, and how to prevent harassment in personal or work environments.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there are two types of illegal harassment:

  • Quid pro quo — the perpetrator (usually in a managerial or supervisory position) makes employment decisions based on whether his or her unwelcome conduct is accepted or rejected by the victim.
  • Hostile work environment — the perpetrator’s unwelcome behavior results in an intimidating, offensive, or hostile workplace.

2020 Families First Coronavirus Response Act

COVID-19 Paid Leave

The new FFCRA emergency paid leave is effective April 1st, 2020, and is related to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. our highlighted topics are the emergency sick leave Emergency Family Leave and the Emergency Family Medical Leave of absent also call the FMLA

Identify Worker Categories

Employment Category Best Practices

While there is no uniform definition of an employee under all payroll laws, most workers can be classified as either employees or independent contractors once the common law test and reasonable basis test have been applied. The IRS, for example, relies on these tests in making worker status determinations for the purposes of federal income tax withholding and for the withholding and payment of employment (social security, Medicare, and federal unemployment) taxes.

The Department of Labor uses its own tests when determining whether workers are employees entitled to the minimum wage and overtime pay. Employers or the workers may receive a definitive IRS ruling as to a worker’s status by completing the Form SS-8 (Determination of Worker Status for Purposes of Federal Employment Taxes, and Income Tax Withholding). This training video highlights the repercussion of classifying workers incorrectly.

Identify Sexual Harassment

How Can You Identify Sexual Harassment?

The Federal Form

The Form W-4

The Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (Form W-4)

Your employer uses this form to calculate the federal income tax each employee owes each pay period. These taxes are subtracted from each paycheck.

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