Welcome to my portfolio website.

With the recent social change caused by social distancing, organizations are seeking ways to engage with employees and continue business as scheduled. It’s not an easy task. Organizations across the world left the brick and mortar overhead for a less costly resolution. Employees began working from home and conducting virtual meetings when globalization burst onto the scene. Face-to-face (f2f) no longer cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars for travel. Meetings were successful using virtual meeting tools at a fraction of the cost. As businesses realized that training should meet the same criteria as their every day online business functioned. Training began to bloom and the Instructional Designers around the world found themselves experimenting and learning new Learning Management System (LMS) software to satisfy their client’s needs.

Hello, my name is Pamela Swanson. I am a leader in producing effective LMS courses designed to engage the user, provide innovation, quizzes, tests, and intrinsic rewards. Lectures and PowerPoints worked great in the past. Handouts are a wonderful way to provide users with reminders of what they learned in a class; however, what if your users had a platform where they learn and return as they wish? Interactive, fun LMS solutions that engage your employees and provide the knowledge they need to become successful in their position within your organization.

My team consists of highly educated and experienced learning professionals who design the leading LMS courses in the industry. If you are curious about how our courses will help propel your organization to optimum success, please reach out for a demo.

Take a look at my E-Learning Courses, Training Videos, Animations and other learning content I’ve developed during my tenure as a successful Senior Instructional Designer. If you have any questions at all, kindly complete a contact form, and I will call you soon.