Welcome to my portfolio website.

Thank you for visiting my website and your interest in my work. I am a goal-oriented eLearning Developer and Senior Instructional Designer with over 20 years of adult learning experience, 15 of which were spent creating interactive and engaging eLearning courses. Having experience as a leader and a degree in leadership enables me to work with a vast array of co-creators and teams. I have a solid foundation in the principles and methodologies of instructional design. I effectively manage enterprise LMS and Training projects resulting in over $500K in LMS revenue. I am well versed in numerous educational technology software systems and proficient in multimedia production. My portfolio contains several examples I designed and produced, including instructional videos, adaptive e-learning, instructor and learner materials, and educational games. I practice effective interpersonal, collaborative, and leadership methods, enabling me to work autonomously or with multidisciplinary teams.

Pamela R Swanson, MA Instructional Designer

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